The House That Claire Built

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

El Virgin

Reflection of the Virgin. The mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe is located next to a gas station in the Lower Valley of El Paso. (Cynthia Carol Almodovar/   
Killeen, the architect surprised me the other day. We walked up to his warehouse on Salena St. and he had the entire first floor taped out with mock furniture installed. He invited me onto my porch and through the hallway to the kitchen. It. Looks. Awesome.

I was intimidated of the huge white wall in the kitchen, but as it turns out this will be a great home for the Virgin de Guadalupe mural like the one pictured above. You know, the one who crushes the serpent.

I recommend anyone to start building their dream home as soon as they can. 


  1. my favorite part of this mural is the reflection in the street

  2. Can I just say how excited i am about the House that Claire will Build!

  3. Amazing! You WILL crush the proverbial serpent!