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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 151 Hire an Architect- they dont miss a beat!

US bank has certified us 90% done... the finish line is in site. Below is the reason you hire the architect to see the job through to the finish line.

Substantial Completion Walk Thru
Claire Martin Residence

Date: May 30, 2012
Present: Mike Killeen, Joe Pupillo

The following issues were noted that still need to be addressed:

1) Install railing at concrete stair near street
2) Install gutters and downspouts
3) Remove guard rail and install rail called for at front porch at the porch and the front stair.
4) Install one more decorative trim ring at each column.
5) Caulk entire exterior of building where required, including around all windows.
6) Install door hardware at front door.
7) Install skosh molding around ceiling at front porch
8) Confirm that all required weep holes have been installed.
9) Ease top edges of stone at front facade beneath bay.  Currently stones have flat tops exposed.  Flat tops to be eliminated by easing the top edges.
10) Affix drip edges at gable ends to roof.  Many of these are pulling loose at their ends and curling back.
11) Paint and seal the exterior foundation wall.
12) Address gaps at gable end soffits.
13) At east gable ridge, properly align rake boards.
14) Remove card board form work from concrete deck piers.
15) Set nails at back door exterior trim.

First Floor
1) Bedroom No. 2 (front bedroom) - Finish seat at bay.
2) Bedroom No. 1 - behind door - patch drywall
3) Bedroom No. 1 - patch drywall at south wall
4) Bathroom - patch drywall behind door.
5) Great Room
- install countertop at island.
- install mantel
- fix outlet at right of fireplace - sticking out and crooked currently.
6) Hall Closet - install base.
7) Hall - patch drywall to east of hall closet door.

Second Floor
1) Master Bedroom
- Install missing screws at switch plates.
- Caulk windows/door at north facade.
2) Master Closet - install door stop.
3) Stairs
- Confirm leak is fixed at west windows.  Clean up and paint stained areas from leakage.
- Patch all holes in ceiling hatch and trim around hatch.
4) Laundry - Fix drywall and base at recently installed drain.

1) Install nosing at top of stair.
2) Patch plywood at landing.
3) Clean up brittle concrete around basement windows.
4) Install trim at basement door
5) Clean all exterior walls of loose concrete, formwork leftovers, etc.
6) Repair wood studs at HVAC at east wall.
7) Install insulation around each window in the basement to assure no airflow around the windows.
8) At bathroom rough in, remove bottom portion of 2 x 2 studs on north wall to keep moisture from wicking up these members.

1) Caulk and sand all trim.
2) Caulk behind baseboards to eliminate all gaps.
3) Check to see that all door stops have been installed.
4) Remove all drywall mud from doors/windows (saw this at exterior window, north wall of master), but check all.
5) Complete general cleaning of all floors.


First Floor
1) Great Room - 2 spots missing from north wall.
2) Bedroom Number 1 - data and phone jacks missing
3) Hall - CO detector missing
4) Bedroom Number 2 - cable TV hookup missing from south wall
5) Stair to Second Floor - 2 canned lights missing

Second Floor
1) Master Bedroom
- Data and Cable missing from west wall.
- telephone and data missing from east wall.
2) Master Bath
- finish drywall at the shower ceiling and walls
- finish drywall at toilet room east wall.
3) Closet - outlet missing from north wall.
4) Hall - Repair drywall at wall/ceiling juncture on north wall.

1) Storage/Utility - only 2 of 3 lights installed at ceiling.

Mike Killeen, Architect
Killeen Studio Architects
2012 VP & Events Co Chair
3015 Salena Street, S. 100
St. Louis, MO 63118

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