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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St.Louis County Board of Equalization (BOE)

Personal property assesment letters for taxes just came out... guess I didnt get that piece of mail this week.. was it the missing mailbox? I swear Mr. Tax collector... I open all my mail!
The good news is my property was assessed lower. Bad news is, still have to pay taxes on a property that is no good. The guy helping me showed me the breakdown of the taxes... Maplewood Richmond Heights yanks a full 5% of everyone's taxes where Parks and Rec only get a .01%.... hmmm. Today I learned a helpful equation to guestimate what you owe:

 Assesed value $ x  19% + $23 Metropolitan Sewer Upcharge= what you owe the BOE in STL County.

Appraised Value= what you could sell it for
Assessed Value= what the county/city thinks they can tax you on.

Deal or No Deal? Guess who gets to go to the Board of Appeals Commission... this lucky girl! Now all you haters out there; I know you are still jealous.

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