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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stranger Angels

Yesterday my best buds Inas and Buthaina were bossing me around putting me into a bed.
"Guurl, you need to take a nap" as Inas handed me an envelope. This was the second donation envelope she has organized from her lawfirm, Stange Law Firm.

Inside read a handwritten note on a piece of scrap paper- torn off the bottom from a stranger, a stranger angel.
            When things go wrong, as sometimes will.
             When all in life seems going uphill.
            Don't you quit. Quitters never win. Winners never quit.
            Our possessions are temoral, just a loan we pass through life.
            God provided them one at a time, he can provide them again, just ask.  Thanks, Worth.

Thank you Mr. Worth for your kind donation and Stranger Angel poetic wisdom.

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