The House That Claire Built

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motion to approve the design, say aye.

6:28 pm Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Index of Characters includes CM- me, MK the architect, and DR the design and review board members.

DR- Now calling High Street, tell us about your design.
   (we step up to the table in the courtroom as the architect drawings are displayed on a huge projector screen)
CM- we are proposing a 1.5 story craftsman style home, this would replace the farmhouse design originally from the early 1900's
DR- This was the house that burnt up.
CM- Yes. yes it is. 
DR- So, tell us about the materials
CM- Due to your ordinace on new home construction, brick is the major exterior material fused with the existing limestone, wood accents..... a blend.
MK- cement fiberboard, low VOC materials, eco insulation.. potential geo-thermal HVAC......
DR- Well it looks really nice, I drove by there today to see the lot and looks like you presented some pretty good details here. I like how the brick wraps around the house, sometimes you see veneer on one side and it does not look as nice here.
MK- the portico pitched roof and half ceiling would be the roof accents
CM- Just out of curiosity, why do you have a rule on brick? How can I answer this better when people keep asking me? The house was a farmhouse.... 
DR- Uh, well, I dont know really. we would have to ask the inspector but he is not here.
CM- because it is a considerable cost as Im putting construction schedule and budget together.
MK- I mean, is it debatable?
DM1- We might be able to meet again on this topic. Bring everyone together?
DM2 (as he finds the rule on brick in his book... ) ya looks like they want you to match it to the houses around you, like that carriage house next to yours.
DR1- well thanks for putting this organization together...Motion to approve the house on High Street, say Aye
DR2 - Aye
DR1- Aye
DR3- Aye
CM- AYE! (at the end pretty loud... accidentally in an excited 4- year- old- little girl sorta way)

Room starts laughing, big stamping and punching authorization noises proceeds, MK and I exit the building at 6:32 pm. 4 minutes of pure awesomeness.

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