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Monday, August 8, 2011

Father Knows Best

If you ever think your dad or mom are leading you the wrong direction, stop for a second and really double're probably wrong. The following conversation happened last friday after spending a week on the Phone with US Bank Loss Drafts department. (Worst department name in history, should be called Loser Hotline) Jerry, my dad, his advice came true!. Is it weird that my blueprints were approved in lighting-fast speeds today, Monday August 8th?! Is is weird a supervisor called me direct with ways I can bypass the phone system in the future! Again, squeaky wheel always gets oil. Architect plans approved.....check!

Claire Martin<>
dateFri, Aug 5, 2011 at 3:29 PM
subjectRE: appraisals/ Loss drafts dept

Get a supervisor and get their direct line. Write the chairman and tell him how you are getting jerk around and ask him to have someone capable of helping you to reach out to you. Richard.davis You will hear form his office in 5 minutes

Jerry F. Martin

Email to US Bank minutes later follows.....
dateFri, Aug 5, 2011 at 3:48 PM
subjectLoss Draft Department intel


My name is Claire Martin and I am currently a Platinum customer and mortgage holder with your bank. Loan # xx5742.

I wanted to let you know that I have had an extremely poor experience with your Loss Draft customer service operators as it relates to my loan.

My house burnt down and now $179,000 is sitting in an escrow account policed by US Bank. 

On Monday I was told in a voice mail by your supervisors that I need to mail a $455 check for an appraisal.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I spent 2 hours each day waiting on hold to find out more about this cost. 

No supervisor came to the phone per my request. Out of the 5 phone reps I had, 3 of them did not understand why this is necessary either.

Since you are holding 179,000 of my money; It would be really nice to speak with some representative in the Loss draft department who are trained at answering questions. I refuse to hear anymore that you are having an influx of calls and cannot answer my questions.

If you are requiring checks to be mailed to US Bank, and leaving this on your customer's cell phones;  you better have a reason why and reps capable of explaining it. This will seriously affect my future relationship with your bank.

Thank you for your consideration to this matter, I pray for the day I can call a supervisor direct.

Claire Martin
St. Louis Post Dispatch

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