The House That Claire Built

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas in July

Walking into the living room after work today was like walking into my ultimate after-life fantasy. In this fantasy, I exist somewhere in Heaven with my brother Francis, Aunt Patty, Gramps... and some other all-stars perhaps drinking a beer.  In this room I get to go to fancy room, nicely lined with shelves and belongings that once were my things, and somehow are lost or on a self guided tour. Those that know me understand that I've misplaced quite a few items. Anyway..... In this fantasy, I get to pick out on the shelves anything I want, as they are a lifetime of lost belongings on a shelf......that you get back! Wouldn't that be neat?

This ultimate afterlife fantasy happened today, we received all the salvageable items from the house fire- cleaned, ozoned, ozone-stored, barcoded, and returned in neat little boxes stacked in the living room. Dan and I are peeling through them like Christmas in July. Its weird to see all your belongings once lost, and now returned;  neatly organized, labeled and alongside a itemized spreadsheet. What would your spreadsheet look like?

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