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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Toke to the Oak!

Photo by anniken don pedro

Photo by Anniken don pedro

Photo by Anniken don pedro
photo by Anniken Don Pedro

photo by Anniken don Pedro

When in doubt, hire an arborist. I said a tree prayer before I met Mr. Rocca, and really hoped he was going to give me the diagnosis I wanted to hear. He did, and he did with a vengance. Here is what Mr. Rocca taught me about my Shingle Oak Tree, slightly damaged by fire in the back yard;
-Species: Shingle Oak
Age- 150+ (fast growing type)
Base Diameter: 55"
 Height: 100ft
Branch Spread: 100 ft
The valuation method was used, as replacement cost method does not exist in this tree's case as it is IRREPLACEABLE. Here are some comments from the appraisal. " Good shade tree, medium growth rate, few pests, good root structure, well balanced top, good leaf color, a few branches damaged by fire on 5/19/2011. Well Placed in yard, acorns for wildlife, provides shade and lowered cooling bills, cleans air, holds soil, prevents erosion. Tree is in good condition and should be preserved during construction. 
Can I get a drumroll.......Estimated value $ 32,300."
Say What? The tree value is more then the lot itself? Yes he replied. You should get about $1000 each time a bulldozer or bobcat bumps into this big guy, he doesn't want to be disturbed, as he as a long life to live.

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