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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Newer Sewer

The sewer line needs to be replaced. I faintly remember a time my brother called me screaming while I was out of town that the main sewer line backed up into the basement on High Street; and a very horrible human smell was coming out of the drain pipe, including solid waste. Ew. $1000 later... Roto Rooter scoped the problem and tree branches were to blame. Ah the tree we love.....

I think now is a good time to rerun some pipe... replace the 100+ clay sewer drain with good old PVC. here is what the Maplewood inspector advised me as we watch MSD replace the pipe on Yale outside of my property:
As far as the sewer lateral is concerned, the city is part of the sewer lateral repair program in conjunction with St. Louis County. You pay $28 extra a year on your property taxes to help pay for the program. If the clay line you have now is in good condition and serviceable, the program will not pay for the replacement. That and the water line replacement would be on you. If your new house was going to have additional plumbing fixtures (extra bath, etc.) then by St. Louis County plumbing code the water service line might have to be changed to a larger line, based on the number of fixtures proposed in your new house.

How much does it cost? What a shitty job. 

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