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Monday, July 18, 2011

Approved! Wreck the Deck

This week marks a big week in financial progress. Now would be the time to officially state that I enjoy working with my insurance company due to quick response time and timely payments.

My outside field adjuster took some time away from the Joplin reimbursements to approve some bids I sent him. Here is what was approved, prepayment pending:
LaRue Landscaping:
      $850- Remove all dead burnt limbs from large Oak hanging over the house
      $50- Remove burnt limbs on wild cherry in front yard
      $75- Remove burnt libs on trees on west side of house
Commonwealth Construction
      $8500 Home demolition costs including/excluding:
      - barricades to be billed at cost plus 10%
      - Orange Safety fence $1.60 p/sq ft with wire $2.75 per sq ft
      -Backfilling of foundation to be billed as extra
      - Demo permit to be billed at actual cost
      - Asbestos removal (if needed to be done by others)
     - Removal of concrete footing 24" thick billed as extra
     - Removal of excessive rebar to be billed as extra

Thank you Travelers. Im glad you like those chocolate E'CLAIRES I sent you.

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