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Thursday, March 1, 2012

All of Us Serving You... a fat plate of anxiety

The frustration and anxiety of the past week can not be expressed in better words then the following dialogue. 

Monday- I yell at US bank for  not giving me the next draw of payments for construction.
Tuesday- I apologize profusely for not opening my stack of mail; the payment was there.
Wednesday- Take the payment to US Bank Richmond Heights and speak with the Vice president "KC"

KC- Uh mam. We cannot take your payment
me- Why? It is issued by your corporate office
KC- Because it is too big for this local branch
me- But it was written by your corporate office? you won't let me deposit this?
KC- No, im sorry that is policy.
me- So what is your advice (as I pull out my video camera)
KC- I think you should take it to Bank of America and try to deposit it there
me- So you are telling me to take this check issued by US bank and take it to the competitor?
KC- yes, that is what you can do. Otherwise mail the check back to corporate and get an authorized signature that we are allowed to deposit it.
me- But US Bank wrote the damn check, why can't you accept it. Do you not want my money?

I called my dad at Morgan Stanley to see his advice. He was pissed and had the federal trade commissioner in Jeff city on the phone in 15 minutes.

2 hours later, and 3 US Bank locations later, I found a teller not aware of the policy and got that check deposited!

Damn US Bank, why do you play with my heartstrings when I play by your rules?

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